FCL- An Evergreen Story and TERI Initiative

At 15, during stay-at-home pandemic days, teenage twin-sisters, Anya & Anvi Fenn, from their home in New Jersey founded a non-profit that integrates storytelling and climate action. Evergreen Story is a free storytelling platform with a sustainable heart. We are on a mission to record, preserve, and share humanity's stories and use the medium of storytelling to support the environment. We make every story count by planting a fruit tree with a needy farmer.

We published thousands of oral stories from across India and diaspora, and we hope to pay tribute to our common human spirit of perseverance and progress, while emphasizing kindness, respect, and dignity in our conversations.

Evergreen Story's founders, Anya & Anvi Fenn sponsor tree saplings from their own savings. In 2021 they sponsored 12,000 fruit tree saplings for farmers in India in honor of stories published. In 2022, they will sponsor 38,000 more fruit tree saplings. Click here to know more about us.

TERI is an independent, multi-dimensional organization, with capabilities in research, policy, consultancy, and implementation. TERI’s team are innovators and agents of change in the energy, environment, climate change and sustainability space, having pioneered conversations and action in these areas for over four decades. TERI advocates resource efficiency, biodiversity, and waste management as the keys to smart, sustainable, and inclusive development

Headquartered in New Delhi, TERI has regional centers and campuses in Gurugram, Bengaluru, Guwahati, Mumbai, Panaji, and Nainital. TERI’s 1,000-plus team of scientists, sociologists, economists, and engineers delivers insightful, high-quality action-oriented research and transformative solutions supported by state- of-the-art infrastructure. Click here to know more about TERI.